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Adhesives for the Automotive Industry

Automotive Adhesives that Fit the Needs of Today

In the transportation industry, lightweight design is crucial to high usability and low costs, and to aesthetics that meet consumer expectations. That means conventional bonding processes are reaching their limits. Manufacturers who have begun to bond materials without welding, punching, folding, or using mechanical fasteners, have lessened the complexity of their assembly processes, leading to faster processing and lower production costs. Engineers have found that automotive adhesives can help them avoid stress concentrations, while eliminating protruding fasteners in order to deliver the smooth look more designers and consumers want.
Using automotive adhesives and sealants allows automakers to incorporate new materials that offer cost savings and performance improvements. But most importantly, adhesive bonds are many times more resistant to fatigue, contaminants, and corrosion than conventional fasteners, throughout the life of the products they fasten.


The H.B. Fuller Difference

At H.B. Fuller, we manufacture and market a broad range of adhesive technologies for today’s automotive adhesives needs, such as water-based, hot melt, reactive hot melt, and solvent-based adhesives. Our low emission automotive adhesives and sealants are formulated to enable lightweight designs that increase energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability, and to comply with, or exceed, the most current regulations.

We’re more than just a global transportation adhesives manufacturer — we’re a company with a reputation you can trust. Leading manufacturers continue to choose us time after time, because we make and market adhesives for the most challenging bonding applications. We continually drive innovation with our products and solutions, so we can offer our customers increased vehicle and component durability, faster processing, and the design freedom they need to compete in today’s marketplace. And, we deliver through comprehensive technical expertise — quickly, locally and personally.


Low Emission Automotive Adhesives and Sealants

We offer a portfolio of products that cover a wide range of applications and application requirements. Our transportation adhesive applications include:
  • Powertrain bonding, sealing and threadlocking
  • Interior lamination and assembly
  • Exterior lighting and trim
  • Structural and multi-material bonding
  • Under-the-hood electronics
  • Wood panel applications for recreational vehicles

We’re currently developing solutions specifically designed to align with ever-changing market demands, such as the improvement of bonding to composites, lighter metal alloys, plastic and natural fiber blends, and flexible foil to hard substrate adhesion applications for interior trim.

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